15 February 2008

People's interest in blogging increasing in Nepal

By Harsha Man Maharjan

There is no other way than practice to know ABC of blogging. I had tinkered with about dozen of blogs my self.

K.P. Dhungana of Harmo Blog was saying this to a mass of about thirty listeners today in a program.

Most of them were interested to know the technical aspect of blogging. Blog is no more an alien concept in Kathmandu now. According to him there are more than three hundred bloggers in Nepal.

He has been writing about blogs in his blog and in newspapers.
Youth Initiative organized the program at Martin Chautari premises today.
There were two speakers but Umesh Shreshtha could not show up.

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aAkaR said...

Yes, people interested in blogging and some are blogging regularly....and I don't know,who says they are pioneer in blogging and professional are not caring other........so the day will come when others also rock thru blogging..........happy blogging