18 February 2008

Civic Engagements and Interference for Inclusive Media in Nepal

By Harsha Man Maharjan

Representation of Janajati, Dalit, Madhesi and Women in Nepalese newsroom is poor and hopeless. It is about 14 %, 2 %, 2 % and 12 % respectively. Their national presence are 39.2 %, 11.8%, 30.63 % and 50.05% respectively according to 2001 census.

But there is no concerted effort for increasing this number. On 17 February 2008 Martin Chautari organized a half day discussion program on the issues of inclusiveness of Nepal Police, Nepalese Bureaucracy and Nepali media.

Definitely my interest is on media. And historian and media researcher Pratyoush Onta presented this paper. ASMITA Women's Publishing House, Media & Resource Organization's Manju Thapa was more interested to know the ways to bring change in the numbers in newsrooms.

Asmita has researched many times about the missing journalists women in Nepali media. But Nepali media houses never incorporated its recommendations.

I accept thesis of Pratyoush Onta and Sangita Lama. Without correcting their exclusive newsrooms, these media houses have no rights to blame the interim government for not making different institutions inclusive. That means the discussion of inclusion must begin from media houses.

Now I am presenting some of ways of civic engagements and interferences. I have collected them from here and there.

Media Rights and Other Right Activist Instutions
1. To demand proper representations in media houses.
2. Make civic awareness about this through media literacy programs.

1. Write Letter to editor demanding inclusive newsroom.
2. Start to talk about the issues publicly.

There might be many others ways. Pls add your comments. We need to create a movement for more inclusive media.



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