18 February 2012

A Death of Copy Left ! Are You Kidding ?

By Harsha Man Maharjan

London, 18 February

One of my colleagues at Martin Chautari sent me an email yesterday to confirm about the assassination of library.nu. This is a sad news for me. I have benefited a
lot from this site for more than a year. For me, it was a big library where I could find almost all books.During research and teaching, I used many books from this website

This is not an obituary.I believe that the library.nu or gigapedia will never die and no one can kill it. That means it will definitely reincarnate in other forms. I hope that day will come soon.

Here are some of comments on facebook:
Imperial S Storm · Top Commenter
Library.nu is closed on registration. I have no control over this. Main reason is Library.nu ranked 7th in the world for usage of its type. Now they have legal maters to deal with. They are trimming back there usage by closing registration. However this has not only happening to Library.nu. Its happening all over the web. SOPA and collages are trying to shut down free software sites. SOPA never passed, But is being done under stealth. Next few months you will see less and less of the web free. Government of the United States is after file sharing host. Passing DNS blocks on many countries. The ending goal is the end of the internet as we know it. A move to a internet 2 type system ran by governments of the world. Once there is more using internet 2 and all major search providers switch.(Google, Bing, Aol, Yahoo, Facebook and twi...See More
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Christine Por
sad to see this happens...... People abuse and we suffer.
Reply · 6 · Like · January 23 at 3:48pm

Shafiullah Khan · University of Karachi
plx sir open registration
Reply · 2 · Like · February 4 at 2:36am

Mao Shunjie · Lancaster University
too late to know this website.....
Reply · 1 · Like · February 5 at 2:11pm
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Veena Yadav · University of Delhi
how I can register in library.nu.
Reply · 17 · Like · Follow Post · January 10 at 11:00pm

Nikhilesh Chitre · Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
sadly,you can't. its closed now. you can try other websites,but none is as good as library.nu.Feeling very sad that the site is closed.:-(
Reply · 3 · Like · February 8 at 9:38pm

Keni Lynch
Nikhilesh Chitre wow, this sucks... I wish SOPA will get every Free Speech law thrown at them.. we should all protest. where would we be without free open sourced information.. some off-line libraries actually charge large fees now.. so all of us will be poor and uneducated.. well, won't this come to a 'revolution' in the end? I mean it's just obvious. This is how the French Revolution started. There was a bunch of rich folk who never paid their bills (hence, no money for the craftsmen and women, and laborers to fend for themselves or their families, forget about an education.. in the end, the rich got their heads chopped off, didn't they... and all because they wouldn't allow the access that people depended on..(i.e. money) for food, clothing, education.. it seems our new government officials are rolling back the clock, steadily returning to a rehashed model of the aristocratic past..alas, if they only studied history, they would know their laws won't last last the time it takes to write them down..
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