21 July 2011

IAMHIST or International Association of Media History and Me

By Harsha Man Maharjan
This is the association I came to know through internet, and now this is the organization, of which I have become a member. Hats off to the technology for bridging time and space it made people easily reachable as if people from different countries are only neighbors next to my home.
IAMHIST provided me an opportunity to present a paper on Nepali cinema in its 24th conference under the theme, ‘Media History and Cultural Memory’ that took place in Copenhagen. For this it also supported me financially and morally, without which this participation was impossible for me.

Reaching Denmark was difficult and tiring, but having a chance to participate in the program and meet likeminded people compelled me to forget about those difficult moments. And now what I remember is only moments of discussion, contemplation and imagination during the conference. The boring and nerve-raking 17 hours waiting I had to experience at Indira Gandi Airport was nothing to what I have learned from the conference.

It gave me a realization that there is a bunch of people who are interested in media history and who are thinking about it, just like me. And just like me, they are endeavoring to come up with some interesting arguments out of achieves never accessed by others or by rereading the same old achieves. It also reassured me that some of topics related to cinema, propaganda, television, etc which I was thinking to study in future, were worth undertaking, as others are doing them in the context of other countries. With information of these ongoing studies, I even got idea about the people whom I should consult for comments and feedback while studying those topics.
Thanks IAMHIST. Please see some of pixs related to the program.