20 February 2008

Network society of how many for what ?

By Harsha Man Maharjan

Internet is new media. Its nature is global. But how a local people benefit from it?

I am not talking about students. They can consult internet for their study.
This sunday I had to get few passport size photos. I was at my office at that time. I don’t have number of Milan Studio, a photo studio at Kirtipur.

I googled it. There was the website of the studio. And within Sunday evening I could get my photos. My problem was solved.

The owner of the studio told me that he made the website a year ago with Rs. 500. It is not big amount. That means it is being cheap.

But I could not stop thinking. Who does get benefit from this? No doubt people know about the studio through the website. What is its economic benefit? Does it only create long term effect? or Is its effect unseen ? or Should we stop counting economic benefit ?

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