24 September 2013

Cut-Paste Journalism (Hubahu Patrakarita) in Online Media in Nepal

During the recent program organized by the Press Coucil on 22 september 2013, Kishor Shrestha, from the Council  informed that there is not only investigative journalism, but also cut-paste journalism in Nepal. He was referring to hubahu journalism in print media, but this kind of journalism is popular in online news portals too.

The way online media are practicing this is different from what tv and radio are doing. Usually FM radio and television stations are reading selected portion of the news from newspapers. But some online news portals are lifting matters from websites from print media. For example in the issue of Nepal magazine on 22 September, Sitaram Baral has wrote a long cover story on the conflict inside the family of Gyanendra Shah. This reporting was uploaded on ekantipur next day and other news portals like http://muldharnews.com, http://topnepalnews.com, http://realkhabar.com, etc started to upload this article citing the source, Nepal magazine. None of them mentioned who penned that reporting.

I think there is urgent need of the guideline on using whole materials from other online media.