19 November 2009

What a Joke: No R.R. Campus in Census of World Journalism Education Council

Harsha Man Maharjan
1. Campion College
2. College of Journalism and Mass Communication
3. Kantipur City College
4. Kathmandu University
5. Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ)
6. Nepal Press Institute (NPI)
7. Purbanchal University
8. Shepherd College of Media Technology
9. Worldview International Foundation / Nepal (WIF)

These are the programs of Journalism Education in Nepal listed in the census of World Journalism Education Council. What a joke: there is no mention of Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus. We know RR Campus is the first to start Journalism education in Nepal in 1976. I can’t believe that WJEC miss it. The website of WJEC says these are the criteria they enlisted the programs:
1. Published lists and academic articles about journalism education in different regions of the world;
2. Lists of programs provided by the regional association partners drawing on their member lists, conference registrations, and regional studies of journalism education; and
3. Published articles by individual scholars writing about different regions of the world and by keyword searches conducted by team members of online Web sources, including individual program Web sites.

That means they have never crossed upon the article on Journalism Education in Nepal which mentioned that RR Campus is the first college to start this. I know there is no such article. I think article of JE in Nepal is incomplete if it doesn’t mention RR college.