30 July 2007

One Sided view about Trade unions in Media Houses.

These days dalies in Nepal are criticizing CPN (Maoist ) for opening trade union in media houses. Articles and editorials on the issues are in media. They think these unions are for checking criticism of CPN (Maoist) in these media houses.

This is only a part of the issue. We know media workers in Nepali media are in poor condition. These unions help in collective bargaining of the workers in these media. But these media houses are showing no will to empower their workers. And they are criticizing these unions for their political affiliation. Now it is time to think about the welfare of media workers in Nepal and to evaluate the role of Federation of Nepalese Journalists and other trade unions.


17 July 2007

Blessings for Avenues TV.

By Harsha Man Maharjan

There is a good news. Avenues TV began its testing broadcasting on 16 July 2007.
It is a news channel of Ad avenues Nepal, an ad agency. Many people presented their well wishes to the tv channel.

Among them, Pashupati Shumsher Rana hoped that it will be popular like Aaj Tak in India. Is this good wish? I know Aaj Tak is the no 1 news channel in India. But it has a problem. Like other channels there, it focuses on tamasha or trifle issues. Hope Avenues tv will not go for it.

Babu Ram Bhattari thinks it is better to counter some channels who serve few people. He didn't name them. I think he was pointing fingers at Kantipur TV. Is he right ? Well I really don't have the answer.

16 July 2007

+2 Jataras in Nepali Media: Flood of Advertisements and Advertorials

By Harsha Man Maharjan

This is time of SLC result. And the festival of + 2. Every newspaper is full of advertisements of these colleges. Today's The Himalayan Times (16 July 2007) published supplement of eight pages devoting these colleges.

Magazines are not exception. Himal Khabar Patrika, a Nepali fortnightly magazine of year 17 vol.6 (no. 188) has earmarked about 40 pages on +2 as special report. It contain about 20 advertorials of 20 colleges.

Samaya, a weekly magazine did same in its no. 164. It has published 23page cover story on +2s. It included about 7 advertorials and some features which were similar to advertorials.
Getting advertisement of colleges is good for media sector. I know this is time for these media to earn money.

Is it good for readers? This question arises.

Going through the content of these media related to +2 businesses in Nepal, I must say they are critical to unhealthy competition and jhuth ko kheeti or crop of falsehood being done by these colleges through advertisements. But they can show no guts to pin point the wrong doers. Going through Chhalphal (year 25, vol. 39) I found it more critical than those magazines and daily papers.

I think this is the result of the money these media get from these advertisements and advertorials.

05 July 2007

CJMC Community Radio in Air, Where is TU FM of RR Campus ?

By Harsha Man Maharjan

College of Journalism and Mass Communication began its radio, CJMC Community Radio 106 on Asar 14 2064 (28 June 2007). Principal and Director of The College of Journalism and Mass Communication of the college informed me that that cost Rs, 8,00,000. According to her the college invested whole money.

It is on air in 106.00 MHz. It has capacity of 100 watt.

When will Ratna Rajya begin its radio? I know this campus too had got license to air TU FM 107 of 50 watt. And it got the license about one month earlier than CJMC.

Theoretically it is easy for Government College to start radio. We even have a sound proof studio. I have entered the studio few times during practical classes. But the campus is using it sparsely.

Badri Poudel of the RR College informed me that the department is doing nothing on the issue. He thinks for radio operation requires new studio and he and his colleagues are discussing about the issue.

I know the pathetic condition of the college. Financially it is weak and this stops many ways of improving facilities in the department Yet it would have been easy for the government campus to approach donors to support the radio.

RR campus has introduced the course on electronic media. It is the right time to start radio. Like CJMC, RR needs to request donors like UNESCO and other for help.

about campus radio:

aboout CJMC community radio: