17 July 2007

Blessings for Avenues TV.

By Harsha Man Maharjan

There is a good news. Avenues TV began its testing broadcasting on 16 July 2007.
It is a news channel of Ad avenues Nepal, an ad agency. Many people presented their well wishes to the tv channel.

Among them, Pashupati Shumsher Rana hoped that it will be popular like Aaj Tak in India. Is this good wish? I know Aaj Tak is the no 1 news channel in India. But it has a problem. Like other channels there, it focuses on tamasha or trifle issues. Hope Avenues tv will not go for it.

Babu Ram Bhattari thinks it is better to counter some channels who serve few people. He didn't name them. I think he was pointing fingers at Kantipur TV. Is he right ? Well I really don't have the answer.

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