30 July 2007

One Sided view about Trade unions in Media Houses.

These days dalies in Nepal are criticizing CPN (Maoist ) for opening trade union in media houses. Articles and editorials on the issues are in media. They think these unions are for checking criticism of CPN (Maoist) in these media houses.

This is only a part of the issue. We know media workers in Nepali media are in poor condition. These unions help in collective bargaining of the workers in these media. But these media houses are showing no will to empower their workers. And they are criticizing these unions for their political affiliation. Now it is time to think about the welfare of media workers in Nepal and to evaluate the role of Federation of Nepalese Journalists and other trade unions.



करतल ध्वनि said...

Dear Harsha Jee,

You are absolutely right that there is one sided view about trade unions in media. Mainly media tycoons like Kantipur publications are badmouthing unions for certain reasons. These kantipur people think that they are the only champions of democracy. They keep on giving moral lessons to everybody. But what about their own dealings. I was really surprised that one of the editor of the Kantipur tried to curry favour with one dean of KU.

Please find the relevant details in www.changeinku.blogspot.com



yaron said...

dear Harsha,

from your blog i can learn that you are well connect in the TV industry in your region.

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