24 April 2007

History Channel telling a Winner’s Tale

By Harsha Man Maharjan

There is a saying: winners write history. Do you believe this?

I am trying to link this notion with history channel, a tv channel. It broadcasts programs related to different aspects of history. This is one of my favorite channels.

Among its program I like Biography. This program even got chance to be the top ten programs in India few years ago. Its old footage attracts me. How charmingly these programs use steel photos to tell people’s stories. I can only praise the channel for this.

Few weeks ago my belief in the channel shattered. On that day it presented a program on four world famous royal massacres. I forgot details of two of them. Remaining two was about the Tsar family of the USSR and the family of King Birendra.

I could hardly believe what the program told about the royal massacre of Nepal. It blamed then prince Dipendra for the massacre. We all know this was the official version, only few Nepali believed.

My hope at that time was to get information on general people’s disbelief about the official version of the massacre. The world must know this fact and the history channel could have done this. But it took only the official version and quelled alternative versions.

Still today history tells only winners’ tales.

How sad. Isn’t it?

1 comment:

Annitya said...

It's because we all want to hear winner's story only, and most of the time in authoritarian states, the winner will clean all the evidence about his opponents.