03 April 2007

THe Himalayan Times' Craze for the word 'Stop Press'

By Harsha Man Maharjan

Being a student of Journalism and mass communication I know what the words stop press mean. THese days a English braodsheet daily, The Himalayan Times is using this words in its front page giving scores of games in World Cup Criket. Is this word to be put in the page? I don't think so. So I search in internet to know more aboutit. Here is what I found its meaning 'late news that is inserted into the newspaper at the last minute'. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/stop+press.
By using this word THT is trying to show that it is doing the job which is out of the dateline. Yet, million dollar question is: Is it needed to write the word there ? Many readers blame THT for focussing only on factual information. It never did investigative reporting, except the breaking news of Charles Shobraj. It never dare to challenge any side. This is a typical example of 'objective journalism.' I am still think THT evade cartoon.

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