05 May 2011

Gigapedia or Library.nu for Democratization of Knowledge

The story began on January 2011. Dateline: Zurich, Switzerland. I went there to participate at Winter School Program of ETH on Postgraduate Winter School: Historical Development Experiences in Comparative Perspective (January 23-28, 2011). This program helped me to know more critically about development issues especially foreign aid. Pls see pixs from that program.

More than this, I came to know about Gigapedia–a website where we can download books. One of friends I met there, informed me about this. According to him, he and his colleagues at the university downloaded books from this website. Now this website has been changed in to www.library.nu. Please visit this library to download books‒new and old.

What i hope is this website helps in democratizing knowledge. Don't you think so ?

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Bilingsley said...

Unfortunately, library.nu is now closed. In my opinion it was the third most important site on the web after google and wikipedia. Please join the effort to convince people of the importance of having the site working again. For a nice article on why it should continue its operation and how it can be (legally) done read this: Free Knowledge-The aftermath of library.nu