27 May 2011

CODE OF ETHICS FOR BLOGGERS (Proposed on May 27, 2011)

Friends, here is the code of ethics proposed by Ujjwal Acharya(The Radiant Star ). You are free to give suggestions

A blogger should honestly:
Be honest and fair on what you write in your blog
Write things that you believe to be truth
Specify your source of information – credit to offline sources and link to online sources
Specify clearly the use of any unconfirmed fact or information
Avoid conflict of interest – clearly disclose your position including job, financial interest, affiliation and relationship if they related to the post OR maintain an detailed About Me page
Clearly differentiate between advertisements and blog content
Disclose clearly if an entry is posted sponsored or as advertisement or after accepting a payment or goods to write it
Admit and correct mistakes as soon as possible but only with strikethrough or editorial note
Allow comments to engage audience, allow different opinions and clearly state your moderation policy if any
Show compassion for human being – be sensitive writing about or using photos of victims
Promote freedom of speech

A blogger shouldn’t intentionally:
Completely rewrite or delete an entry
Threaten people and institution using the blog
Write anything undermining nationality, national security, religious harmony and social order
Give space to pornography, hate speech and crude content
Publish personal and confidential information of people
Spam, spread malware and viruses and engage in illegal activities
Plagiarize – copy and paste from other sources
Disclose the source of primary information without source’s consent
Bloggers, please provide your suggestions, criticisms and comments.
All your comments, suggestions and criticisms will be taken up in subsequent updates of the Code of Ethics before it is finalized and bloggers are invited to be signatory.

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