23 September 2007

Janadisha, Nepali Daily is Back

By Harsha Man Maharjan

On 18 September 2007 CPN (Maoist) quit the government.

On the same day people saw a sample issue of daily Janadisha which supports CPN(Maoist).
The sample issue was supposed to be free. But bookshop owner asked me Rs. 5. He told me that it was for transportation he used to get papers. I gave him the money.

In the place it has written 7. This daily was found in market until the government declared state of emergency on 26 Novemnber 2001. Journalists related The Janadesh Weekly, the Janadisha Daily and also the Disabodh Monthly etc supporting CPN(Maoist) were imprisoned. Human rights organizations claim that its editor Krishan Sen was killed in police custody.
Now Govinda Acharya is its editor. This sample issue contains vacancies for reporters at Kathmandu and other districts. It is supposed to come on this week.

Hope this paper will go for peaceful movement and dialogue.

links on Krishna Sen and Janadisha

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