18 September 2007

INSN: End of Power Nap

By Harsha Man Maharjan

At last INSN is ALIVE. Hope it was a power nap. After many months of hiatus it got life. Congrats INSN.

This website played important role after Feb 1 2005 coup. The coup compelled INSN to change its course. It was suppose to focus on foreign relations of Nepal.

It is the first website to post Usha Titichhu's photo of army controlling the station of Radio Sagarmatha.on Feb 1 2005. It gave space to post dissenting voices.

We still need INSN. There is still long way to go.

Pls visit the website and send your comments, articles.

It contains articles by Maheswor Shrestha. Thanks to him and team of this website.

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