29 August 2007

Why Scrap Royalty of Cable Operators in Nepal ?

By Harsha Man Maharjan

I am still not satisfied with government’s agreement to scrap 4 percent royalty. I see no reason to do this. These operators are run for profit. Government has rights to impose royalty on these cables.

Article 11 of The National Broadcasting Regulation, 2052 (1995) demands 4 percent royalty of income from broadcasting institutions. These institutions include both private radios, private TV and cable operators .

I have Kriti Cable Network at my home. It is transmitting a channel called Kriti Cable Network(KCN) and is showing music videos. The National Broadcasting Regulation, 2052 (1995) does not bar them from transmitting educational programs. They are not doing this.

The Nepal Cable TV Association is right: a separate law is needed to be framed for governing the cable sector.

But the government has even accepted to reduce the renewal fees. Before providing these kinds of facilities to the cable operators, government must oblige them to broadcast educational and informative programs related to local issues through their channels.

The National Broadcasting Regulation, 2052 (1995)

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