13 August 2007

Sagarmatha TV underpaying its reporter.

By Harsha Man Maharjan

New media houses help in breaking dominance of established media houses. Two new tv channels: Avenues and Sagarmatha have started its telecast in Nepali. They are opening new avenues for journalists to show their talent.

I don't know much about Avenues. But I have heard a rumour about Sagarmatha TV that this channel only recruits reporters is new and fresh faces only to give them small amount of remuneration. Most of them are working for Rupees less than three thousand only.
One of my friends applied for a reporter in the tv channel. She has passed B.A. in mass communication and journalism. The management of the channel did not summon her for even an interview.

Now it has recruited 20 reporters. No doubt most of them are underpaid. Now organizations working for the welfare of media persons must think over the issue.

In the report, The Changing Nature of Work: A Global Survey and Case Study of Atypical Work in the Media Industry, prepared ILO and IFJ present the trend of using new fresh faced so that they can be inadequately paid.

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nepaleseyouth said...

it's time to wake up ourselves frens...let them not misuse your skills. these business houses r not media they r meat sellers...they don pay to their staffs who made them come in the market. les get united to beat their attitude and behaviour
-nepali thito