03 June 2007

Stale News on Kukur Biralo in Gorkhaptra

By Harsha Man Maharjan

We have a phrase: stale as yesterday's news. It seems that Gorkhaptra, government owned Nepali newspaper does not know this.

On June 3, 2007 it has published news with the headline 'Kukur Biralo' in Market on second page.

Kukur Biralo is an audio cassette produced by Subash Regmi. The news only has information on the producer and singers. It has no extra information .

Actually this is the cassette singer Badri Pangeni and his colleagues are lobbying with government to ban. They think it demean the folk singers. But news says nothing about this. The news appears to be a public relations materials. How could journalist who did that news forget this kind of important aspects? This incident helps to know the process of news making. Generally there must be personal contacts to get coverage in media.

It definitely shows laziness of some reporters in Gorkhapatra.


Nepali Akash said...

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bf said...

Could you please provide some more information on Kukur Biralo? Why did this song (which I don´t know) annoy folk singers?

Was the song banned?
that´s interesting, but you don´t inform outsiders.

Merosoft said...

haa... Visit http://kukurbiralo.blogspot.com/