18 June 2007

Nepal 1 Forced 8 Journalists to Leave Thier Job

By Harsha Man Maharjan

My friends at college today were discussing about the return of Sushil Kharel. He left Masters class of Journalism and mass communication to work in Nepal 1 tv channel.

I search for this issue in google. I came upon a blog: Solidarity with Nepal1 fight:
It has two postings:
1. Nalini's Torture Forced Eight Journalists Displaced from Delhi
2. Get Up Stand Up ...Stand Up for your Right

About the blog, it says this:
"This blog has been created to express solidarity with all the Nepal One staffs who have dared to stand up and fight against the tyrrany and atrocities of Nepal One management...the struggle initiated by the nepal one staffs was exemplerary and a milestone in protecting the fundamental rights of television journalists ...Kudos to all the Nepal one staffs..."

According to the blog, Nepal 1 forced eights jopurnalists: Rajendra khanal, Chiranjivi Devkota, Divyajoyti Misra, Pradip Giri, Sushil Kharel, Lily Bhaidya, Madhu Bhattarai and Aarati KC .

I know there was an agreement between the Nepal 1 and its journalists.
Rewati Sapkota, a journalist working in the tv channel informed in an media discussion program organized by Martin Chautari that the agreement could not improve relation between them and the management of Nepal 1. Even Kishor Nepal, its news editor could do nothing to improve the relation.

I support this fight. I think now the legal fight will begin and these journalists will get justice. But it is not as easy as it appears. Nepal 1 is not registered in Nepal.

Pls visit the blog and show your solidarity to this fight

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