23 March 2006

About me and my interest in Nepali Media.

Today I am going to write about me. I am a student of journalism and mass communication. I worked as a reporter for two years for Newari weekly Lakas in Kirtipur. I did internship in The Rising Nepal (TRN) for four months. I have worked in other Nepali weekly Kiritpur Darpan in Kirtipur for one year.

I leaned about many things while I worked in The Rising Nepal. One of them was about rewriting. I had read in books on writing that rewriting is only way to succeed in writing. Sunil KC, an editor of TRN made me to rewrite my news. And I did. I found what I read in the books was correct. My news became clearer and direct. Editors in other papers that I worked never told me to do this.
I am interested in discussing media issues in Nepali. I will do this in this blog. I welcome your comments.

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