10 July 2009

Insecure Public, Lynching and Nepali Media

By Harsha Man Maharjan

Today is the age of 24 hrs news channel. We are viewing news of children kidnapping. So are we watching about the lynching of innocent alleged kidnappers. Why are these incidents increasing? Does it have anything to do with media-boom?

I think it has something to do with media too. Not all. I am not saying media is totally responsible of it. They are disseminating news about the killings, kidnappings and looting. This reporting inadvertently creates of the image of insecure Nepal in people’s mind. People are feeling insecure.
One thing is sure. Media is doing nothing to decrease the rate of lynching. They are not proactive on the issue.

Here I am not resurrecting mass society theory. But we know we are in transitional phase and there is a kind of lawlessness.

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