04 December 2008

Toll Free Phone Hangama in FM Radio Networks in Nepal: Call Us We will Pay for the Call

By Harsha Man Maharjan

Many Nepalese people outside of Kathmandu are voicing their views in national issues through talk programs like Nepal Chautari and Hamro Nepal Ramro Nepal of Ujjyalo 90 Network and Aab ko Nepal of Nepal FM Network. It is unprecedented in Nepali history.
And Nepal’s transitional phase needs more interaction and dialogue on many important issues. These FM programs are helping in this dialogue.

Main reason behind this is the caller has to pay nothing for the call. These networks pay for calls. They use toll free phone lines. Even the content of FM radio stations outside kathmandu is reaching these networks’ offices at Kathmandu through these toll free lines. These networks also use these lines to get suggestions and opinions of listners about other programs of networks too.

For me toll free line is new concept. I came to know about this kind of phone line from Nepal Chautari. Antenna Foundation Nepal publishes advertisement of Nepal Chautari highlighting this phone line. Even annual report 2007 of Nepal Telecom has mentioned that toll free service or Advance Freephone Service is becoming popular these days. According to the report its increased from 22 to 54 which are subscribed by money transfer business sector, man power/education consultancies, large business houses, banks, airlines, FM stations, media publications, social organizers etc.

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