23 November 2008

Community Radios for Better Networking among them

By Harsha Man Maharjan

Everybody says networking is good for FM radios. It produces synergy.

Two station mangers of community radios accepted this too. But they are not happy with what Ujjyalo 90 Network and Nepal FM Network are doing these days.

Both of them, Ghamaraj Luintel, Radio Sagarmatha and Gunakar Aryal, Radio Madanpokhara are for two way communication in these networks They were presenting a talk on the topic: Why Networking for Community Radio? On 20 November 2008 at Martin Chautari.

Yes there is a huge gap between what goes through the capital and what comes from local radios outside Kathmandu. These two networks must increase the volume of content from outside.
There is issue of editorial rights too. Luintel thinks these networks kill editorial rights of local radios. And this happens till there is same boardcasting of packaged news.

Many people think these networks are futher concentrating resources in Kathmandu. And local radios outside Kathmandu are not getting adequate benefit.


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