07 November 2007

In Memoriam: Journalist Birendra Kumar Shah

Some called him Nepali Daniel Pal.

He is Birendra Shah, a journalist killed by Maoist cadres. He was kidnapped on 5 October 2007 and killed on the same day.

I never meet him. There is a chance. I might have heard his words on Nepal FM without knowing him. He was affiliated to Nepal FM, Avenues TV, Dristi weekly etc.
Now it is clear that Maoist cadre was involved in Shah’s killing. Earlier the CPN (Maoist) had denied their involvement in the incident. Now all fact finding missions tell that Lal Bahadur Chaudhary, Kundan Faujdar , Ram Yekbal Sahani etc are responsible for shah’s killing.

Chadhari was Maoist Area In-charge of Bara District. Other alleged people are also well known Maoist supporters.

But Maoist top leaders are requesting not to take this accident as party’s policy and not to malign the party with this incident.

This reminds me of Nagarkot incident of 14 December 2007. On that day a drunken army Basu Dev Thapa deputed at Nagarkot army barrack opened fired on the civilians at the premises of Shree Kalidevi Temple killing 12 civilians. 19 people sustained injuries in that incident. At that time Royal Nepal Army requested us not to take it as the action of the whole Royal Nepal Army. But no body heeded RNA.

That means Maoist leader must take responsibly of what its cadre did.

Now it is time to discuss on discipline of Maoist leaders and cadres.
Questions arise:

How does the party educate its leaders and cadres ?
Who becomes leaders and how?
Is its cadres and leaders under its control?

On Nagarkot Incident:

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परिवर्तन said...

Harsha Jee,
You are right. The Maoists need to demiliterize the cadres reorient them for competitive political process. Killing is not solution. It will bring further disgrace.