22 February 2007

Fagun 7 (Democracy Day ): A Royal Propaganda and Myth in Nepal

By Harsha Man Maharjan

Zade said this in her blog on Feb 19 2007:

Happy PraJaTanTra DiWas!!
Nothing really. Its just a great day, the sun’s shining ah but again everyone’s after the King’s “Baktabya”. But well, let me not talk of things I have no expertise on..So Happy Prajatantra Diwas Everyone! And For bloggers, I wish this Freedom of Expression Last for ever and ever!! And my day began with this day..So enjoy!! http://zade.wordpress.com/

I don't know how to answer her. I want to write more about Falgun 7. So here is my experience and idea about Falgun 7.

I have celebrated many Falgun 7 as Democracy days.

Nepal celebrated 57th Democracy day on 19 February 2007.

During my school days I used to praise King Tribhuwan for fleeing Delhi, sacrificing his happiness and supporting the Anti-Rana movement. I saw nothing wrong to declare him the father of Democray or Rastrapita or Father of the country. blah.blah.

I got this impression from text books on history I read in my school. My holidays on these occasions thickened my belief. Broadsheet dailies Gorkhapatra and The Rising Nepal publish special issues on the day. They did same this year also.

This praise for Tribhuwan no more remains in me. In fact from few I doubt this notion from few years. It is due to my colleagues at Martin Chautari, a platform of discussions.

Today I take Falgun 7 as a propaganda this country is disseminating from 2007 v.s (1951). It is a myth that I deny to buy. I could only free sorry to PM and ministers to fall in this royal trap. They could not damned this day.

That's why they are still giving holiday on this day. We need to learn real incident.
On Fagun 6, I found a book, Sri Panch Mahendra ra Samakalin Nepal (King Mahendra and Contemporary Nepal) while visiting second hand books on pavements near RNAC building. This book eulogizes late King Mahendra who cashed the cold war situation and pleaded the notion of ‘Bikas’or development in the country which was languishing in darkness. He ruled Nepal for thirty years absolutely. He became a shrewd dictator.

The book’s information:
Writer: Tirtha Raj Tuladhar
Published date: Jestha 29, 2021 v.s
Publisher: Department of publicity, Ministry of

Here writer’s name is unimportant. During Panchayat period the king would not let people know reality. Books like Leo Rose and Bhuwan Lal Joshi’s Democratic Innovation in Nepal etc were banned for presenting real political history of Nepal after 1951.

The books tells also about Fagun 7 and its importance in Nepal. According the book, on Fagun 7 2007 (18 February 1951) late king Tribhuwan made a historical proclamation after he returned Nepal on 4 Fagun 2007 (15 February 1951) from India. That’s why even king Gyanendra could not resist him from giving a statement on this day though it is unconstitutional.
And literally he has dug his own grave.

The book only informs that on that day he declared a Rana-Congress coalition cabinet. But it does not give more information on Tribuwan’s royal proclamation.

I found this proclamation in Grishma Bahadur Devkota’s book, Nepal ko Rajnaitik Darpan.
O. I could not believe what I found in the book. I really did not believe what I found in the book.
On that day, could you believe! Tribhuwan declared that he desired a republic political set up in Nepal formed by election. And he formed the cabinet so that there could be the election.

He never let that election happened till he died on 30 Falgun 2011 v.s (14 March 1955). He cashed internal feud in Nepali congress and made Matrika Prasad Koirala Prime Minister in next cabinet. Tribhuwan also formed other cabinets only in his convenience.

It is Tribhuwan who took direct control of army and assumed the title of Supreme Commander of Chief on the pretext on Vir Gorkha Dal. This dal, backed by Ranas tried to subvert army and overthrow the government. For more detail I request readers to study the book Democratic Innovation in Nepal: A Case Study of Political Acculturation. What u will find is definitely not good face of King Tribhuwan and King Mahendra.

Let the myth evaporate.

WE no more need to celebrate FALGUN 7.

No way. No compromise on the freedom of expression.

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KC, a Charitrawan Chela


(Note: Though not dishy alike those blokes (old Wagle and olderDixit, both with grey hairs)of Kantipur and NepaliTimes, I am virile enough to handle you. Again, I don’t drink and I don’t smoke. I am a charitrawan chela.)z